Fernweh: A Travel diary

Look 1 


Life is not perfect but your outfit can be 😉

Hey loves! How have you been?…So today we have brought you some looks for the winters! Winters are here and who doesn’t like knits? I guess we all LOVE knits. Knits can be paired with your favourite pair of jeans or skirts and can even be worn with a pair of trousers or just anything…and voilà! You’re ready! Pull out some jackets to layer…a little layers never hurt…the beauty of this weather is that you can be cosy and comfortable but debonair and  voguish as well! So go on and play around with knits…

Let’s have a look at the Mumbai shoot

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

pair a knitted crop top with a pencil skirt… 


For a little formal look either pair this outfit with a denim jacket as a day look or pair this outfit with a leather jacket for a night out with friends and family… 

No accessory is sometimes the best accessory

Here we have how you can wear this look…casual and easy-going or formal and fancy…  


Denim jacket – Forever21 

Knitted crop top – Forever 21 

Pencil skirt – Forever 21 

Sunglasses – Ray Ban 

Stilettos – Steve Madden 


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