Fernweh: A travel diary

Look 2

The look that we are posting today is a simple one with a little mix of the love for ethnic. The winter season has a very cosy and loveable sort of feeling to it; it is like winters are giving you a tight and warm hug in your face :D. One can play around with colours like a little child! So go on and become like a child in a candy store!


I can’t tell you how much I am in love with this colour because neither it is a bright yellow nor a dull one, it’s that perfect type of wintry yellow…. 

pairing them a pair of slip ons , kholapuris or jutis for a little twist 

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How I did my hair: I made two dutch braids and then pulled them up and rolled them up into a bun. 

Honestly, that’s how simple it is! 


wear funky glasses to cool down the ‘vibes’



For accessories, you can go for small earrings (I had mine with elephants on them :D) or even the big hoop ones.. and, you can also add on some segnacco bracelets to make the outfit look even more interesting, just don’t go overboard with the accessories or else they’ll sabotage this ‘perfect’ yellow colour…





Knit jumper- H&M

Jeans- H&M

Slip ons- Jaypore 

Earrings- Forever21 

Segnacco bracelet- Aldo

Glasses- Aldo


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