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Fernweh: A travel diary

Look 3

Hey, people! How have you guys been? Well here is the last extension to the previous blog…


We had a lot of fun doing this look as we went to Adlabs Imagica, and it was amazing !! It is a wonderful place with these beautiful theme parks and adventurous rides… it even has these attractive restaurants. They also have this very popular water and snow park that we, unfortunately, couldn’t discover.

About this look….. 

This look that we are posting today is a very casual yet formal look.This look is pretty and simple but still fancy with minimalistic accessories.So we have paired an off-shoulder bodycon top with trousers with zippers at the bottom which make it comfortable and wearable at any event. One can simply go crazy with this look by adding some heavy accessories like some silver neckpieces or a slightly more embellished choker for a casual but fancy look Or wear this look with a delicate necklace and a blazer or a jacket or even an oversized coat perhaps, to make it look a little different and chic…

I paired this look with my favourite pair of shoes but you can go willy wonka and wear a pair of cutout ankle boots which are very ‘in’ right now, or red heels for an extra pop!


The stripes that run vertically makes one look taller if you know what I mean :D! But honestly, love these trousers because of the red stripes.


Just be yourself and have fun :p

The fun part? This is just one way of the many ways in which you can wear it 😀

The other is…

…to pair the trousers with a loose crop top/top and tuck half of it in. This would make the outfit look so dapper!


Trousers and crop top: H&M


Fernweh: A travel diary

Look 2

The look that we are posting today is a simple one with a little mix of the love for ethnic. The winter season has a very cosy and loveable sort of feeling to it; it is like winters are giving you a tight and warm hug in your face :D. One can play around with colours like a little child! So go on and become like a child in a candy store!


I can’t tell you how much I am in love with this colour because neither it is a bright yellow nor a dull one, it’s that perfect type of wintry yellow…. 

pairing them a pair of slip ons , kholapuris or jutis for a little twist 

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How I did my hair: I made two dutch braids and then pulled them up and rolled them up into a bun. 

Honestly, that’s how simple it is! 


wear funky glasses to cool down the ‘vibes’



For accessories, you can go for small earrings (I had mine with elephants on them :D) or even the big hoop ones.. and, you can also add on some segnacco bracelets to make the outfit look even more interesting, just don’t go overboard with the accessories or else they’ll sabotage this ‘perfect’ yellow colour…





Knit jumper- H&M

Jeans- H&M

Slip ons- Jaypore 

Earrings- Forever21 

Segnacco bracelet- Aldo

Glasses- Aldo

Fernweh: A Travel diary

Look 1 


Life is not perfect but your outfit can be 😉

Hey loves! How have you been?…So today we have brought you some looks for the winters! Winters are here and who doesn’t like knits? I guess we all LOVE knits. Knits can be paired with your favourite pair of jeans or skirts and can even be worn with a pair of trousers or just anything…and voilà! You’re ready! Pull out some jackets to layer…a little layers never hurt…the beauty of this weather is that you can be cosy and comfortable but debonair and  voguish as well! So go on and play around with knits…

Let’s have a look at the Mumbai shoot

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pair a knitted crop top with a pencil skirt… 


For a little formal look either pair this outfit with a denim jacket as a day look or pair this outfit with a leather jacket for a night out with friends and family… 

No accessory is sometimes the best accessory

Here we have how you can wear this look…casual and easy-going or formal and fancy…  


Denim jacket – Forever21 

Knitted crop top – Forever 21 

Pencil skirt – Forever 21 

Sunglasses – Ray Ban 

Stilettos – Steve Madden 

Travel Diaries

Entry 1 – Mahabaleshwar

Two months back we went to an amazing place (Mahabaleshwar) for a shoot!

The pants are as comfortable as they can be, the top adds a subtle colour and the ethnic jewellery looks fascinating.


Dutch braids and slippers display style with comfort and warmth…


Denim Jacket: Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors

Top: Global Desi

Pajama Bottoms: Marks & Spencer’s

Slippers: Adidas

Necklace: Sarojini Nagar

Earrings: H&M


Look 3


We’re back for the last look for

this theme!


with denim shorts!

An all blue outfit looks so cute!

Shirt : GAP

Shorts : H&M

Espadrilles : Steve Madden

Watch : Michael Kors


Look 2

Another casual in denim!

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Did you know?

Espadrilles are actually inspired by an Argentine traditional shoe called ALPARGATAS!


Shirt: Sarojini Nagar

Jeans: H&M

Espadrilles: Steve Madden

Bag: Juicy Couture

Earrings: a trade fair